Since December 29, 2013

    RPC Needs:

    -Wallet updates!
    -Exchange listings!
    -It's own block explorer!
    -Plenty more!

Scrypt-based (off the litecoin source code) and ASIC-resistant.
2,100,000 total coins (to make it rare like gold which Ron Paul is a big supporter of)
1 coin per block for first 4 years. Halving reward every 4 years thereafter.
2 minutes per block.
Difficulty retarget time is every block. It is using the Kimoto Gravity Well.
Like gold. RPC is rare.
ZERO pre-mining. This is a true holder-of-value coin.
This is not a pump-n-dump coin. It is too rare to pump and you'd be silly to dump it for that same reason.

*First halving @ block 1,051,000

    Block Explorer

    Desktop Wallets

    Wallet Source

    Paper Wallet


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